Guys, if you see a girl dolled up and then completely normal does it change how attractive she is to a guy?

I ask because one of the guys in my class is really cute; we talk and laugh, work together on math work ( it's a study hall course thing.) He's an ex marine (hot ) lol and the first day he saw me I saw him staring at me. I happened to decide to wear make up and looked really attractive. later I went to work out at the gym in a t- shirt and shorts, hair thrown up, no make up or anything and ran into him. He said hi and I smiled and took off because I didn't want him to see me looking so bad :( so guys if you see a girl completely natural, is she less attractive to you? I've gone to class without makeup before and just wearing a hoodie, but I didn't look as bad as I did working out lol


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  • It really depends on how much make up the girl wears compared to nothing.

    I've seen a girl who always went heavy on the eyeshadow and seeing her without any kind of scared me haha. And then there's another girl who rarely wore any and I thought she always looked beautiful.

    • okay good to know. I only wear light foundation and eyeliner ha ha maybe some lip liner if I'm feeling extra glitzy :P no eyeshadow or mascara.

    • Yeah, that sounds nice.

    • XD

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  • Believe me, there are not many guys who don't know what they want. Guys are just so worried about impressing other men that after a while of being influenced by our conversations with other men that after a while we can no longer access what it is we really want out of a female. We need other men's approvals of a female, before we can make our final decision.

    Relative to the previous statement, most men don't worry about a female's appearance as much as society tells us we/ they do, Females, we are not as obsessed with how females look as you all are with yourselves.

    Men are a little bi-polar, because, we care at times what other people say, and then at other times, we do not care at-all. A lot of this bi-polarity happens naturally in our psychosis, and our neurological make-up.

    I hope this helped answer your question ...

    - J-Doug

    • So as long as I can show I'm attractive to an extent that other guys would be impressed or I guess, give him kudos for having a pretty girl then I'm good?

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  • I'm not a guy, obviously, lol, but I once had a friend that CAKED on her makeup...lots of foundation and powder with black eye shadow and lots of eyeliner/mascara. She always seemed way to done up. I bumped into her early one morning before she did any if her makeup, and I was shocked at how pretty she looked! I told her so, but she still wore just as much makeup after that lol. Such a shame, if you ask me

    • Wow very true - my best friend use to be the same way, I kept telling her she doesn't need all that mess but she was so convinced. She's a lot better now finally lol but yea it is pretty sad when girls lose sight of their natural beauty for a temporary synthetic one...

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