Do you reinvent yourself in hair salons?

If I go to a different hair salon depending on where I am at the time..I always create a new character of myself for the hair stylist

I get fed up of being asked the same old boring questions time and again so I liven things up lol

And I can tell you..i have one hell of an exciting lifestyle as far as they are concerned

Just wondering does anyone else mess with hair stylists like me


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  • If I went to a different one each time I got my hair trimmed up or chemically treated, I certainly would. That sounds like fun.

    I'm loyal to John and his assistant, Shivonne, though. They work magic with my frizzy hair.

    • Yeah its great fun..I usually wait to hear the questions and tailor my answers to them..I have built up quite the CV and lifestyle now lol

    • I'm going to have to apply that to situations where I do see someone different every time :)

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  • Yeah we get a lot of boastful, cocky people like that.

    We know, and lable you as a tool in the back room ;)

    • I was expecting a comment like this..Its harmless fun tbh and I'm not really concerned about what you would think of me...I don't get cocky or anything like that

What Guys Said 2

  • One of the benefits of shaving your head is that you don't have to set foot in one of those places ever again...

    • HaHa..lucky you

      Unfortunalety I got a full head of hair and I am never gonna shave it.

  • Yeah I get extremely flamboyant and change my whole demeanor.


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