Girls: How would you react if a shorter guy approached you?

I want to approach this taller girl at my uni but I'm afraid she would just laugh at me because I'm shorter than her. I keep thinking she's probably gonna think "Why on earth is this shorter guy approaching me, does he really think he stands a chance with a taller girl?" It wouldn't be so bad if I was tall or average height but I'm actually short as it is.

Should a short guy ever approach a taller girl? Have you girls ever been approachd by a shorter guy? And how did you react?


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  • I am a fairly tall girl 5,10 and I usually prefer my men to be my height or slightly taller. But as of lately I have had this huge crush on a guy that is around 5,5. I want to ask him out so badly but I'm afraid he will find my height unattractive. I even go as far as to sit or stand down hill every time he's around so I appear to be shorter. It's crazy!

    We should both just grow a pair and go for it. Plain and simple.

    • that sounds just like my situation. have you spoken to the guy before?

    • I have known him for about 3 years, we have hardly spoken. I actualy thought he didn't like me for the longest time. Now when ever I run into him (which is not often) I can't get him to stop talking, he even made me late to class one day. Next time I see him I plan on asking him to hang out (a.k.a date) with me sometime. It's fool proof!

    • You should defo ask him out!

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  • Depends what you mean by approach. If you just mean a short guy walking up to you and talking, then no I wouldn't think anything of it.

    But if you mean when a short guy comes up and starts flirting and showing interest, then yes overall attractiveness is one of the things I assess before deciding whether or not to flirt back. And height is one of the things I am attracted to in a guy. I wouldn't be rude and just brush him off but I wouldn't flirt back either.

  • I've never been approached by a shorter guy, but one of my besties have. They ended up dating each other for about 2 years before things non-height related interfered. I think it just depends on the girl. Some don't care, others will say it's a deal breaker. Just try it. :)

  • Well I'm 5'1 and most guys that approach me are obviously way tller I just haven't met a guy smaller than me, I'm sure there is but I would act normal.


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