Are there any shampoo/conditioners or treatments that help boost hair growth?

i got a pretty bad haircut the other day, my hair was almost under my bust and now it barely touches my shoulders, I absolutely hate it :( the lady cut my hair when it was wet, and it was wavy so I forgot that it was gonna bunch up when I asked her to cut it around that area. basically speaking, its pretty short.

when I left the salon, she blow dried it and left my hair looking kinda pretty, it was hard to get used to it at first but I ended up liking it. that night however, I washed it and it looks completely different than how she left it. I don't know what to do, I've never had hair this short, and I just don't like it, help? :(

btw I don't think I have enough money for extensions :/


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  • shampoos and conditioners will not help you much because they are topical. you need to start from within to get hair growing faster. how fast your hair grows is a reflection of your health. supplements I suggest you take would be biotin (otherwise known as vit B7 or vit H)- but it will say biotin on the bottle. this helps you hair grow up to twice as fast. I just started taking it about a week ago. I take 1-2000 mcg (micro grams) daily. do not take more than 10000 mcg's daily. it may cause acne but only if you do not drink enough water. also water will help your hair grow. water flushes toxins out of your body.

    other supplements you should take are vitamin c, which helps your body absorb all other nutrients and boost immune function (take 1-3 daily) and last iron. if you have an iron deficiency take as much as your doctor recommends, if not take the recommended dosage on the bottle. take this 1-3 times a week. check if you are low in any of your B vitamins, especially vit b12 and iron because if you are it will stunt your hair growth.

    also giving yourself or going to a salon to get scalp massages will stimulate your hair follicles resulting in faster hair growth. get this done daily/do it yourself. limit heat styling as much as you can so you do not damage your hair cuticle and if you do use heat, use a heat protect-ant.

    what to look for in a shampoo: one that does not have silicone in it. silicone's are what form the bubbles when you shampoo (the foaming action) but this is created by harsh chemicals that damage your hair so stay away. also try only using shampoo every other day-every 3 days because shampoo strips your hair of essential oils it needs in order to grow.

  • i use moroccan oil


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