Would stretch marks bother you if you were dating someone who had them so badly?

I was in an abusive relationship for a few years and during those years I gained quite a bit of weight. Since then (with a diet change and regular exercise) I've lost a little over 100 lbs and I am starting to feel self-confidence again. My only problem is that now I'm left with really bad stretch marks only on my stomach.

To me, its just kind of repulsive, and I'm kind of ashamed even though my body looks great now. I feel like even if I got to the point where I could have another relationship someday, that it will be a problem because they are so bad, unsightly, and feel gross.

Do you know of any products that really do work to at least minimize the appearance of them? Would it bother you if you were dating someone who had them so badly? Thank you for any feedback.


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  • Nope, doesn't bother me at all. I doubt you would be ashamed of them if the media wasn't telling you that you should be. See them as tiger stripes, haha. Or a reminder of what you had to be so strong to overcome.

    I used cocoa butter on mine after a really fast growth spurt, and it DID make a difference. Any high-quality moisturizer probably will, because you're making the skin more elastic. Mine went from purple to skin-colored. Stretch marks do that naturally with time, too, but I definitely think moisturizing your skin speeds up the process. It wasn't all that necessary though, and cocoa butter isn't cheap.


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  • It wouldn't bother me at all.

    They generally recommend various different types of cocoa butter or some such sh*t, but the truth is nothing really works. Like most cosmetic creams, it's mostly psychological. Any photos you see on adverts will be photoshopped to f***.


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  • You should be very proud of yourself for losing that kind of weight. I'm sure they aren't that bad,it like someone who had a baby no one should be ashamed and if anything they have a good story behind them and a happy ending or a new begining. Embrace the new you and if anyone has a problem about it then they aren't worth a second of your time.


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