Do you think these tats sound cool? also suggestions for one?

i already have a few piercings and I get lots of complements on them. I wanna get a guitar wrapped with roses that goes from my lower back to my middle back and something for my mom on my ankle. my sis and I were talking on the phone last night, we want the one for our mom to be matching and she's gonna get it on her wrist. I'm 18 next Tuesday (imma Valentine's day baby!) and I wanna use all my birthday money on these tats.

also what do you think me and my sis should get for our mom? it's gotta be small. but should we do her name or birthday or what? good suggestions please, and we're not gonna get her face or anything!

oh and PS the guitar is Because I was in a band with my best friends for 3 years but then I realized being a pothead wasn't cool and I found a new crew. but I still love music and had good memories when we did a little tour around the state so I want the guitar tat for that.


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  • Sweethheart let me tell you one thing you are beautiful...no kidding. I know numerous I mean numerous people who have tattoos. My bro is covered in them and he regrets getting most of them.

    Sure some guys may like them I think girls with tattoos look like trash. Just my opinion. A cute little butterfly near or above your vagina for your special guy to see or a teeny weeny foot tat are bareable and can be cute , but I promise you no matter how cool you think tattoos are now you will regret it later in life I promise. Its a huge decision not something you do on a whim for fun or because your friends say hey I'm bored lets all get tattoos(a sign of immaturity). Plus the human brain does not fully develop til like your mid 20s anyway.

    You are only a teenager and I am a lot older than you and am so glad I never got one although once thought about it. I have enough regrets in my life let alone having to look at them in the mirror when I wake up and get naked. In other words bad idea. Plus you are only a teenager when I was your age I didn't even know what I wanted for dinner where I wanted to go to college, let alone make a lifetime commitment of putting ink on my body that will last forever. Do you wanna be some 85 year old with your skin sagging with ugly tattoos I sure as hell wouldn't. I have known numerous people who have got tattoos on a wim like you when they turn 18 to celebrate adulthood which means nothing-trust me or to rebel against a parents, society, or peer pressure tells you its "cool". Or because they were drunk and said lets get a tat.

    The only cool thing is being yourself I am not gonna lie one or twice I have been attracted to girls who have tattoos but I like the all pure natural girl with no tats on her skin but hey that's just me. People will judge you the rest of your life and not in a good way unless they have tats themselves. unless its extremely super small and can be hidden almost all the time I say no. I say wait at least until you are 20-22 to make that decision.

    tattoos don't make you cool people with their own sense of identity are cool. tatoos don't make you look bad ass normally but a follower of a crowd.think about it almost everyone and their brother has at least one tattoo these days(so cliche). believe me I have met and been with wild bad ass chicks who have no tattoos at all. So skin ink is irrelevant.

    Prognosis: do not get a tattoo unless you want more regrets in your life. You are beautiful as it is...dont trash youself up hunny. Most guys will lose respect for you...trust me.

Valentines Day

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  • Big fan of the mom tat, not so much the guitar tat.

  • Sounds meaningful enough.


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Valentines Day