Do Guys Think Pretty Girls Must...?

Do guys that see pretty girls think they are already taken? I am pretty and single and have never had a boyfriend. And I am most guys think that pretty girls must have boyfriends already? They must because no one has ever asked me out? I'm in college...getting tired of having guys staring my way but never asking me out on a date. :( EVER! See people..Looks are not the most important obviously! My pretty looks haven't gotten me a date!...but also my kind and nice personality hasn't gotten me a date either. Goodness..this is depressing. :( I want a boyfriend. :((((
I finally told the guy I like my feelings for him and within 2 days HA ASKED ME OUT! Yay! =) And he said he had a crush on me for awhile. ;D I have a boyfriend now! Once again...thanks for the advice you all! :]


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  • Wow someone listened when they were given good advice.

    I think that's a first for this site. ;)

    • Yay! ^_^..just for that I am totally giving you Best Answer!. :) The site helped yes..but it was some close friends of mine that pushed me to tell him how I felt. ;P And also finding out that someone else wanted to be with him. ^.^ Pushed me to the edge..and then all of a sudden I was expressing my feelings for was so empowering! ;)

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  • I generally assume that if a girl's pretty and got all her sh*t together, that she's taken.

    Doesn't mean I'm not going to talk to her and find out though.

    • :(...crap. I know myself I know I don't have all my sh*t together..but I am good at acting like I do..and I'm pretty...I mean guys talk to me and I have guy friends...but no one wants to date me. :(

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    • was just obvious he didn't like me...I even made a joke about us dating or going out on a date...but that didn't do a thing. And when I found out he slept with my kind of grossed me out...especially since he had a girlfriend...soooo. And also since he always declined my offers to hang out...I figured he wasn't interested. :(

    • *I mean I did not pretend I didn't like him (my crush) said that wrong.

  • Not really.

    I'm quite aware that even the pretty girls can suffer from the lack of dates.

    Though there's one thing I haven't got enough guts for to approach a girl: if she's pretty AND surrounded by her friends. Then it would feel like way too crazy to do it.

    • Yep..I am definitely a pretty girl that is lacking ALL dates. :/ I hang out with/walk with my friends...but more of the time I am on my own walking to class and stuff or doing laundry or I don't think I scare guys away. :/

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    • Well, I wouldn't find that annoying, actually guys are boring, they always talk about stupid things like hockey result, car tuning, drinking and so on.. and many don't want to go anywhere, they just sit at one place and eat sunflower seeds!

      Though I'm in a different position than you obviously :p

      Well.. if you are pretty and aware of it then you'll just have to overcome your shyness and approach someone yourself.

      No longer only guys are allowed for that.

    • Well of course you don't find it annoying...YOU'RE A GUY! lol. I don't find guys boring..I find them highly intriguing. lol. But of course..I'm a girl...sooooo..haha.

      Alright. I'll try to stop being so shy. I've just never asked a guy out I don't want to look like a total idiot when I do it. And of course getting rejected must suck like hell..and what if the guy has a girlfriend?...ugh...I just have to suck it up and do it anyway I guess. thanks. :)

  • Ask out the guys that are checking you out. I don't know about other guys really but I personally love a girl who takes initiative in asking a guy out on a date. I get tired of always chasing after girls and asking them out, id like to be asked out sometime for a change.

    To answer your question though most guys when they see a pretty girl think its damn near impossible for her to be single, and generally will respect the boundaries of said boyfriend and not talk to her. However most guys will talk to the pretty girl to see if she does have a boyfriend or not just in case.

    If you want a boyfriend go ask some guys out :)

    • Alright. Thanks for the advice.

  • Ya either that she has a boyfriend or that I'm not good looking enough to have a chance

    • This is the truth...

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    • What do you look like

    • long eyelashes, pretty smile, really straight teeth (had braces for 2 years), pretty dark brown eyes, curly black hair, long slender if guys go around thinking I have a boyfriend because I'm pretty...then I'll never get a date...unless I announce to my whole school I'm single! lol.

  • you need to talk that guy, who you liked and you will get a chance to introduce yourself. ofcourse you can say, there is no one who can take you to the cinema and etc, so he will understand that you don't have a boyfriend, you should be more creative :)

    • Alright. Thanks for the advice. :)

  • :) if you think so, you may say that you don't have a boyfriend, politely.

    • ? huh? say to whom?

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    • i mean you can find something new that indirectly tells that you are single.

    • Hmm..alright...I shall try. thanks!. :)

  • yeah, well it is true most of the time

    • Blehhhhh...: /

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    • yup, go for it

    • I shall...when I get %100 percent courage to do it! Whenever that happens. :/

  • I do tend to think that.

    • Crap...well then I better hope I don't attract attention from guys that think like you or else I'll never get a date. ha ha.

    • Why? I would think that it wouldn't matter either way. Maybe you should smile back or talk to them every now and then.

    • Yeah..I guess you are right. But what if guys that think I am taken...just get other girlfriends because they think I would not be interested? Then it defeats all my chances. Unless...the moment I become friends with guys I let them know I am single...

  • 1. Pics or it ain't true

    2. You're coming off as desperate. It's unattractive.

    3. Yes, most guys assume pretty women are attached.

    4. Why do you want a boyfriend so bad?.

    • I'm pretty...if you don't believe me..whatever. I am trying my hardest not to look not thinking about guys so much and stressing and stuff but some days it is really hard. Apparently even thinking about it gives off the vibes that I am desperate.

      Dude..I'm 19...why do you think I want a boyfriend so bad? Seeing couples laugh and kiss and hug and give lovey dovey eyes to each other in front of me..makes having a guy quite desirable. And hormones...

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    • "sigh"

    • Yeah..that's exactly how I feel when guys don't do a thing when it comes to me. Yet girls that are friends of mine do have boyfriends. Maybe if I just give up on having a boyfriend and shut out and off my stupid hormones...maybe I'll get one that way..reverse psychology maybe? lol. Because obviously wanting one is not getting me anywhere. can be such an ass. >.<

  • A lot of guys do.

    You've got to learn to look more available. Flirt with people. That sort of thing.

    Be more proactive. Don't be such a wallflower.

    • Flirt more? okay...I do smile a lot at everyone. to look more available...I think I look quite available but I don't know. I mean should I compliment guys left and right and tell more people I'm single? I mean how extreme should my "proactiveness" go? I mean I am friendly and smiley with everyone...and luck. :(

    • Are girls who already have boyfriends friendly? Yeah.

      Do girls who already have boyfriends smile? Yeah.

      That's what I mean by saying you need to do stuff that makes you look more available. Smiling and being friendly won't cut it, because those don't make you look available.

      "how extreme should my "proactiveness" go?"

      Until you have got a boyfriend, there's no upper limit.

    • No limits?'s so awkward though...I'm not the kind of person who giggles like crazy (in flirtatious way) or goes out of my way to flirt with I'm not used to it..but I'll try. Maybe if I hug more guys..or wink and weirddd to do..ha ha. There's no way I am dressing like a slut to get a guy though..that's not happening. lol.

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  • there is something wrong be-cos most guys I know ask pretty girls out all the time not wanting to know if they are with someone or not. so take a good assessment of your self maybe the way you look or your general aura is putting them off. *wink wink*


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