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So I have always wanted a tattoo but couldn't really make up my mind on what to get. Recently I decided that since I am a gamer chick and have been my whole life it should be game related. I have decided that I want a pacman design... It would be pacman eatting a marble followed by blinky ( one of the ghosts) another marble and a cherry. It would be retro so kind of blocky design not modern looking... It would go on my side ... It wouldn't be big like a couple inches long...Do you think it is weird or fun?


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  • I have a tattoo artist friend who makes his clients take a picture of whatever tattoo design they want and make it their cell phone screen for a month without changing it. He does this so people get designs that they're going to be more likely to be happy with in the long run. I mean, if you can't stand it as your cell phone screen, or if you're even bored with it, chances are, you're not going to want it permanently inked on your body for the rest of your life. I think if the pac man design expresses who you are and you love it after some sort of trial period like the cell phone screen test, then go for it!


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  • This one chick at my school got a pac man tattoo - it was legit.

    It went across her shoulders with pac - man right in the middle of her collarbone - there were two ghosts behind him and then one in front - there was one of the little barriers and then a faded pac - man like juking out the ghost and going after one of the big power marbels.

    Below the non faded pac - man was " LIKE A BOSS"

    Ha ha it was really cool - and she got it done in color.

    So yea - I say go for it XD

  • So pixelated? Yeah would be neat.


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