Does the way you dress affect the type and amount of men you attract?

Excluding really revealing clothes, this question is about general style


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  • Hmm -

    I think it effects the type of men you attract more than the amount;

    Like clothes can reflect a lot of someone's personality; if a guy likes goth type girls, and he see's a girl dressed in goth - he'll be more attracted to her than say a girl who dresses prep.

    I'm sure though that if people dress in what flatters their bodies - it can increase more opposite gender attention - but I wouldn't say it'd be significant, unless they had been dressing like a hermit before and actually decided to take more care in their looks lol.

    I sometimes think people judge by style too - I've heard some of my guy buds comment on how a girl looks high maintenence if she wears heels everyday - actually one of them called a girl an idiot for wearing heels around campus.

    I think it only affects how many men a girl would attract - if she takes extra care in how she looks; I guess that would be being dolled up every now and then and where she's going - like if it's a club setting or bar or something where people are there to mingle more with the opposite gender - I'm sure it would help her numbers.

    But we're all dealt a beauty card so if your average looking then you'll attract the average amount of men - or above average etc etc...


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  • No, not necessarily. If you're saying aside from revealing clothing..there's really not much else for women to wear. Basically jeans and yoga pants these days. You put two girls who are wearing jeans or yoga pants and a tshirt or tank top, who are you more likely to approach? Well, the one with the hair color you're attracted to, of course. Hair is the number one thing men look at first, no matter what we say. If it looks like you take care of your hair, then we know you'll take care of us (even if you don't plan on it)

  • Of course it will effect the type of people you attract, how many, and it will also effect the intensity of their attraction sometimes. For example I had been slumming it for about two week and not shaving. I had the entire neck beard thing going like I was a woodsman or something. There where a few girls that had been checking me out giving me glaces like he's cute. Then I did something as simple as shave my face, and the next day all of there eyes exploded like DAMN HE'S HOT and I had 2 of them literally throw themselves in front of me after class to talk to me. Taking care of yourself gets you attention.


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  • i just wear what I feel like and I don't think it has effect on how men perceive me..i still get stares here and there

    i actually remember in college when I did dress up like hair makeup look extra attractive I got the wrong type of attention, like creeps looking men honking...i rather just be simple and sophisticated sometimes I just wear leggings and a hoodie and I'm out the door

    i would say most men look at the face though, I think all humans do when you are attracted to someone and you stop to look you always look at their face first.

  • Not really.

    I don't attract any no matter what I wear


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