How do I dye my hair from a dark red back to a lighter red like it used to be?

It used to be a light red, and I dyed it a dark red. What is the best way to get it back to the light red color? thanks


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  • You've gone dark so the stripping process is going to be a hassle. You'll need to go through the lightening process a few times. You have two options; either cut if off and bleach it then start over (probably the best choice and more healthier) or you can just bleach your whole hair as it is now until you achieve the proper lightness (will cause more damage to your hair). Its hard to go with short hair for a lot of women so I can see how the last option would seem like the right choice for you. Just be aware that both choices are going to damage your hair, obviously, and will take some time. I highly suggest you go to a salon to get this done. They can help you tons and know exactly what to do. When you're doing it at home you're pretty much just playing in the dark unless you're a professional. But chances are it'll take a few visits to the salon for them to strip the hair color. After that they will probably color it the color you want. The hair dye generally used at a hair salon has a lot of deep conditioner in it which will benefit your hair a lot.

  • i think the color always fades a bit when you wash your hair

    so you could use an extremely aggressive shampoo (I think mosr shampoos against daindruff are) but this can and will damage your hair, I also once read that honey makes hair lighter but I don't know if you will get back to light red or if you get blond but probably just google it


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