Does your waistline matter in a relationship?

If I am a fair pretty cute looking girl with a nice nature and personality. All I lack is a slim body. So do I deserve this hottie from my tution?

Can I ever get him? Like do I stand anywhere in front of him? Am I worth him?

I like him. So can I get him to like me too?

Is being fat a crime?


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  • You have a good nature and personality? That's wonderful. Guys worth hanging around are going to be looking for that. Not all guys are looking for a slim body. Most are looking for a girl that is somewhat close to normal weight, give or take a few pounds lighter or heavier. If you are 5-10 lbs overweight, that's not a dealkiller for most guys. If you are 20+ lbs overweight, it will be a no-go for many men. Being fat isn't a crime, but it is a turn-off for most men if you are significantly overweight. What's your height and weight?

    • My height is 5'7 and my weight is 154 lbs. :(

    • So you are overweight, but not horribly so. You would stand a better chance if you dropped some of the weight, but you lose nothing for trying with the guy. I'd encourage you to lose the weight for your own health, and a side benefit will be more male attention. :)

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  • my waist line is 29 inches at relationships these things dnt matter but you can try to reduce it


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  • Being fat of course is not a crime, but I do think physical attraction to someone else is important. If he is attracted to larger girls then great, if not well... You will have to be super charming! :) It is not a matter of being deserving or not. It is whether he likes you, and doesn't care that you are bigger.


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