Why am I growing grey hairs at 19?

I'm confused on why this is happening, I heard stress causes it but I'm pretty much never stressed, can someone give me some possible explanations. Also would this bother a girl as well if I tried dating


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  • If you have very dark hair, and just a few grey hairs I would not be worried :) there are a lot of reasons you could begin to grow grey hair but I know a lot of times people with dark hair will have a few, and I think it is something totally normal it's just that on dark hair it shows up more than on lighter hair! I know that is the case with my boyfriend. He is only 16 but started finding a few grey hairs on his head when he was only 15, he is Hispanic though so it just shows up on his jet black hair.

    Also, I think the only girls who would care would be the very shallow ones, and you probably wouldn't want them anyways :)


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  • It can be a lot of things. Your diet, genetics, etc. Did your dad start graying early?


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  • WebMD has a really good article on it:


    There are many reasons, from vitamin deficiencies to genetics.

    If it isn't something that you can easily control (lets say for example it is genes in your case) then you could also try hair coloring. Of course, this is a less-than-ideal thing, but perhaps there are some girls that won't mind. Heck, if you dye it silver enough to make it fairly even throughout, some girls might dig it as a different look and not even know it was because you had a few gray hairs. You can set a new style trend!


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