Girls, which would you wear under your clothes to a party?

Say you're going to a party or bar or club, which would you wear under a really nice party dress?

There doesn't really seem to be a balance of something that makes you look good with clothes on and clothes off. And guys, what do you think of the body-con/shaping underwear?
  • Sculptural underwear (makes firgure look it's best, holding you in everywhere)
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  • Sexy lingere (never know who you're going to meet there)
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  • Nothing at all
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  • Just wanna see answers
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Sorry for the terrible spelling, typed too fast :P


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  • Dont mind me, just wanna see the answers. ^^


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  • I think it really depends if you need shaping underwear or not in terms of finding a balance between something that makes you look good with clothes on or off. For me, I look pretty much the same whether clothes are on or off so I don't wear sculpting underwear.

  • I always wear thongs. For me personally, they look and feel the best.

    • And no VPL either :)

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    • VTL? Don't know that one :P Haha

    • Visible Thong Lines! Haha

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