A more fashion forward guy, or a regular dressed guy (ie. jeans and a t shirt). Which one?

Which are you ladies more into? A guy that is more into looking good (i.e. leather jackets, henleys, etc) or a more regular dressed guy (jeans and a shirt). that's not to say the fashion forward guy can't dress down or the regular dressed guy can't dress up, but in general that is their style.

Also, when you post your answer as a girl, please post what kind girl you are (fashion forward dressy, or more like nice blouse, jeans, and uggs or w.e lol.. I don't know what would be the female equivalent of jeans and a t-shirt)


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  • I'm more into the regular dressed guy. I don't dress up much either so that style would be more like mine. I look nice but I don't put much effort into my outfits...I like wearing jeans, sweats, and shorts. I wear a lot of t-shirts and sweatshirts and every so often a nice blouse with jeans or a nice pair of shorts. If it's clean and matches it will make a good outfit. I really only ever truly dress up if I'm going to work or to an event that requires business dress.


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  • I like it when a guy dresses nice, but in a casual way. Like wearing things that are slightly more formal than concert tee shirts everyday. It's the way he presents himself and holds himself. If a guy looks like he put effort into his outfit I'm more likely to find him attractive than a guy who clearly doesn't care.

    My style can be described as Abercrombie meets the taylored look of the 1950's

  • I like a happy medium. It's nice to be fashion forward sometimes, and then other days it's just nice to dress normally..


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