Just another makeup question

The onlt makeup I wear is eye liner only on my bottom lids, mascara only on my top lashes, and concealer.And I don't cake it on, I use thin amounts. I wanted to know if even this is too much makeup in a guy's pov. I know guys aren't huge fans of makeup. What in your pov is too much?


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  • everything in moderation, just don't make yourself look like a clown, unless you're really that funny


What Girls Said 1

  • i think its fine, just because it shows that girls put effort into their appearance. as long as the amount of makeup isn't overwhelming, then I'm sure its fine and they like it just the same. also, many girls fret over this, but you have to tell yoruself, most guys don't notice when girls wear makeup-as long as it looks natural, you're good!

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