Lingerie - which do you like best?

I don't like the tacky, colorful sh*t the sell at VS, and LaSena, etc... I like the more classic/vintage look. I'm looking to buy something and I want other people's opinions - guys or girls, doesn't matter.

1. link

2. link

3. link

4. link

5. link

6. link

(the image with the entire outfit)

7. link

If you have any other suggestions, or websites possibly feel free to mention them! Thanks!

& I'm aware that they're all kind of similar.
Also, I like corsets, and baby dolls but I couldn't find one I liked.


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  • Have you ever gone to Yandy? They have a lot of colorful stuff but they also have some plain black things you could check out.

    • Thanks but I live in a small city in Canada. So there isn't one anywhere near.

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    • It's okay. I should have put .com at the end.

    • Also, they have color options underneath some of the pictures, so even if they're purple, you can most likely buy a lot of them in black.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Link 7 is the best outfit. stick with that if you like. its actually really hot.

  • What's your budget?

    • Don't have one. If I can find something I like, even of its hundreds of dollars I'll still buy it. .

    • Check out la perla, or lejaby. Even if you don't buy there, would give you ideas.

    • Thanks (:

  • dprty but everything is ugly except for 4 and 6

    • Hahaha okay well thanks for the input.

  • like 2,4,6,7 all look really nice, good luck!


What Girls Said 4

  • Give Princesse Tam Tam a try - you can order it from their website or from It's a french brand but mid-range price and I find that their materials and fit tends to be a bit better.

    I see your budget comment below so for sure give Aubade and La Perla a try too. Even if you're just going in for a fitting, you can tell the difference in quality.

  • I like the peach lacy one it's very sexy!

  • I love 2 & 7 :)

  • Link 7 is the only one I liked.

    I don't see much variety here. They are all lace and I don't like lace (lace doesn't look good under clothing and it is more uncomfortable than like cotton or something),

    Most of them also don't have any underwire or padding. I don't like a lot of padding but I do like some to conceal the nipples. I have a few bras without underwire but almost all of the bras I own have padding. I also don't like anything that's sheer. If they had two layers of lace it would be good, but one layer isn't attractive to me and it will damage easily. I do own one "bralette" that looks similar to your links and I only wear it to bed.


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