Why does he do this?

So I have this stupid question, so I don't want to have sex because I want to save myself and of course I have a boyfriend. We kind of have dry sex with our clothes on and everything. So when we do a missionary position him on top of me with my legs spread open. Feels likes we're having sex but we're really not. Once we finish making out my boyfriend always looks down to the private areas like there's something there on his pants or my clothes. Someone explain why he does that?


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  • Maybe he's come in his pants and is hoping it didn't go through. Or it could just be precum that he's worried about. But wow you guys are awful close to having sex, and you truly want to save yourself maybe you guys need to lighten up your making out before it gets out of control. That happens all the time where a couple starts losing all sense of reason. They just let their emotions go wild.

    • I don't think that they're that close.there are a lot more stages before sexy aka manual, oral sex. etc

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  • Yeah if you really want to save yourself, quit while your ahead..

    Because soon you'll both be curious and wanting to know what the real thing feels like and so on and so forth..

    So go back to the basics and stuff if you really treasure your virginity.

    He probably looks down there because he expects there too be naked flesh being there, he feels the sexuall pleasures and he's lying on top of you ..but yet there are still clothes on?

    Probably a little overwhelming but exciting for him.