You pass right by a cute girl/guy and they make eye contact and smile...

What do you do? Do you go for it or just let it go?

Me and my best friend were at the mall yesterday and came to the conclusion to just smile when we pass by a cute guy and it worked!

So what would you do if someone you found attractive made eye contact and smile? If they made it clear that they're somewhat interested
  • Just forget about it, it's whatever
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  • Turn around and go for that ;)
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  • Wait/hope they approach you
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  • See results
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  • Other explain.....
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Most Helpful Guy

  • When a girl I am attracted to shows interest there is no doubt I'm going after her. Even if she doesn't show interest I might go, lol.

    • yessss! that's great

    • A lot of guys I know are scared to approach girls that are very attractive because they think they will get rejected, and are intimidated. A lot of pretty girls end up not getting dates because not enough guys have the guts to talk to them.

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What Guys Said 3

  • This happened to me today.

    I was getting a Newspaper and as soon as I turned round a gorgeous girl made direct eye contact and smiled at me.

    I can't even remember if I smiled back because it happened so fast.

    But I just think of it as them being nice, so I usually carry on as normal & just forget about it.

  • I'd be surprised and smile back.

    • you wouldn't approach and make conversation or anything?

    • From my experience, it's probably just a friendly smile.

      I used to tend to think that girls were flirting, and it discouraged me. Now I assume friendly by default.

  • I'd say C.


What Girls Said 2

  • C.. unless I was on a major power surge and feeling great that day, I'd just hope they'd approach :) if I was feeling that way.. I'd say B :)

  • I'd smile back! And feel good inside! :)


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