Personal trainer at my gym?

There is this trainer at the gym I joined that is HOT! I catch him looking at me in the mirrors when I am working out. I also catch him watching me when he's between sets with his clients. When I walk into the gym he always looks at me and smiles. This happens a lot and he has started smiling at me ever time I walk by. He bumps into me when he walks by sometimes.

Do you think he likes me and is it inappropriate to approach him when he's on the job? Not with a client or anything but when he's between clients or just sitting there?


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  • no, that's awesome...he def likes you...

    approach him and say hi, I'm (your name) have a great smile :) what classes are you teaching today? maybe I'll be interested in some personal training ;)

    haha be flirty and fun! he def has a thing for you if he bumps into you and continually smiles and checks you out...GO FOR IT!

    • LOL! I think if he trained me, I would jump his bones :) I will work up the courage to go up to him. I was kind of waiting on him to make the first move but he's always working and with clients. I also want to be respectful that he's at his place of employment!

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    • jealousssss ;P

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  • It wouldn't be a problem just to start a friendly chat with the guy. Just be careful not to be too flirty, because there's a good chance his employers will frown on the guy flirting on the job.

  • Ill tell you that a lot of guys are not so into making the cliché first move. The reason being that if you are an attractive female he may feel like you will just turn him down. Also remember he is at work and that could spell problems for him if he started flirting with you and it turned out you didn't like it. To avoid all that just write your phone number down and it to him sometime as you are getting done. Just smile and walk away. This will leave him interested and still put the move on him. Have fun ;)


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