Do guys think that lipstick makes a woman look older?

I have a baby face and people say I look like a school kid if I am not wearing any make-up.But once I wear lipstick,yes just lipstick alone,it is like I become 10 years older and I notice the same thing on many women.

I think lipstick is generally too harsh on most women but lip gloss has poor staying power and is so sticky.What should I do since I need to look polished and professional for my job?Any lips make-up advice for a baby face?Thanks a lot!
Any type of make-up advice for a baby face is greatly appreciated! Thanks!:)
Would be great too if you can recommend any particular products,especially lipsticks.


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  • Other than from a simple minded type of perspective, it really doesn't. The other day I saw a teenage girl working fast food wearing red lipstick. She looked like a teenage girl wearing lipstick.


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  • Lipstick makes me feel like she is wearing paint on her lips


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  • I believe it does evince that increase in age,...the other day one of my friends was wearing it, and surprisingly looked older o.O


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