Ok, do these things make a girl look rough, or is it just me?

I know this girl, who doesn't really seem to wear any color, she really only wears dark dark blue and black every day paired with a black leather jacket. Her hair is medium brown and she always wears smoky eyeshadow. She looks rough to me, would you think she looks rough or stylist? I think colors are the best look for most people, but idk, could just be my opinion.


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  • Depends. I can't really tell without a pic. It sounds like she's just stylish/rocker chick look.


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  • i don`t think so , it could be just her sense of style .

    i have black hair , dark clothes (with an occasional bright shirt) and I wear dark makeup , but I'm not really a rough person . but then again it could just be a vibe that she gives off

  • I'd have to see her to say but I know girls that don't wear color, have dark hair and dark makeup and yet they manage to look edgy, feminine and stylish.


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