Are there any lipsticks that can make a woman look more youthful?

I am asking because I think most of the lipsticks make a woman look more matured.Are there any particular ones that can make a woman look more youthful?Thanks a lot ! :)


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  • yes, nude lips.

    some of my favorites:

    -laura mericier lip glosses- amazing! link

    -mac shy girl lipstick link

    -mac creamcup lipstick link

    -mac hue lipstick link

    -bobby brown bare pink lipstick link

    and drugstore

    -revlon soft nude lipstick

    -palladio lipstick nude

    -palladio herbal lip gloss pink

    -rimmel airy fairy

    -rimmel lipgloss in nonstop glamour

    -wet and wild color icon lipsticks

    • revlon also has new lip butters out! theyre phenominal!

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  • Stop trying to falsely advertise your appearance, be yourself.


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  • Stay away from dark reds, and lipsticks with metallic finishes. Nudes and more neutral warm tones should help you look younger. Some brands also make lipstick with an anti-aging serum, such as l'oreal.

  • Lighter, softer colors. I use lip gloss most if the time. It moisturizes and the colors are terrific.

    Stay away from reds and mat

  • Of course, it all depends on the color. Dark colors tend to make you look older. What skin tone/hair color are you?

    • Thanks.I am a chinese with a baby face.I have a very fair compexion with a yellow undertone and black hair.Most lipsticks look too harsh on me. :)

    • Well in that case dark colors may be your best option because of your undertone. Pinks/oranges will just clash with the yellow undertone. Try out some deep browns/berries and see how you like those. If you find that they make you look older than you'd like then try out some natural/nude shades. The key to lipsticks is trying them out until you find the right fit. Everyone looks different in a certain shade.

  • Nude lips or a creamy pinkish coral that suits your skin tone

  • Maybe you can try wearing lip glosses instead of lipsticks.But still stay away from the darker shades.


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