Why do you think we're beautiful without makeup?

I've heard that a lot of guys think girls are prettier without make up on. But I don't fully understand how one could think that way. Help me understand?
I mean I personally wear just enough to cover red spots from where acne used to be, and mascara. it must look natural because people have started to ask me if I don't wear any. is this bad or good?


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  • If a girl has a ton of makeup on, she's BSing- and everyone knows it.

    A little bit is ok- special occassions, dates, business environment (depends on what kind of work).

    But here are the FACTS (in general):

    -theres a direct correlation with insecurity and the amount of makeup some girls wear.

    -a woman that is just plain confident in her own skin will almost ALWAYS be hotter.

    -women that wear tons of makeup are lost in trying to attract as many men as possible- ew, turn off..

    -if a girls gonna wear makeup: it makes it just THAT much better if she only does it every once in a while


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  • Females ARE pretty without makeup...they just don't believe it...these cosmetic companies have done their marketing well...I see a lot of females that would be way better off to use none than the amount they wear..I had a waitress at Perkins this past week..she was nice and gave me good service and, while she was no beauty queen, she was not butt ugly either...but her eyebrows looked like she has used charcoal and her face was orange...I mean there is No Way...and just about any female you talk to on here is convinced that their makeup is done right...well makeup is OK..particularly if a female is willing to go without around the house...they feel this weirdass compulsion to put it on in order to be accepted/tolerated? in public..O:O...sure makeup can enhance and I cannot blame a female for wanting to look her best..it is just that all too frequently they do not know how to look their best, will not listen to their SO and even want to wear the sh*t around the house or even in BED! yuck, retch...


    • @Update...almost all males are fine with mascara..and we are patient even it it runs! lol..I would have to see your cheeks/acne...acne does not usually bother or other males as much as females believe...it is the cheek sh*t that most males HATE so much...i would probably try to convince you not to wear that at least most of the time...and yes..if people are asking you if you wear makeup at all...that is Very Good...(:

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    • taster I'm going to piggyback your answer here but just curious - when you say most guys have that cheek sh*t, do you mean blush?

    • I mean anything on cheeks: concealer, blush...but most hated of all are foundation & bronzer...my wife wears eye makeup most of the time and lipstick & blush on special occasions...(:

  • I hate when girls wear to much makeup. Sometimes its false advertising

  • make up=fake up

    nobody likes fake people.

    We want a girl that can roll out of bed, and still look good. By the way, I can't believe I'm saying this, but has anyone seen snooki without make up? Once you see her w/out make up, you'll understand why guys like girls au natural.

  • It is part something we say because it tells the woman we like her for who she is. And part because sometimes people look horrible with make up, to much or just the wrong kind.


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