How do ugly girls get husbands?

I don't understand because men are visual creatures so how does this happen? They are supposed to prefer beautiful women and put pretty women at the top. So how come I see all these unattractive girls with boyfriends and husbands? They're not just in fwbs, no these women are actually married or engaged so the guys obviously love them.

(when I say unattractive, I don't mean a average girl that's not a model, I mean truly unattractive. like fat, obese or not cute in the face)

How are they getting guys? It's just confusing to me because society and guys will tell you how looks are so important and that personality comes second, so why are girls who aren't cute getting play? Is personality really THAT important? Or are these guys only dating them because they can't do better?

Please don't start calling me a bitch because I'm genuinely wanting to know. I obviously got this impression about beauty from SOMEWHERE, so it's not like I'm being a bitch, it's what I've been taught and told for so many years. That's why I'm honestly mind boggled.


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  • Different guys like different things. I want a slender woman, my best friend wants a fat woman. Regarding looks, that is one the first things we look for before any thing else. We want the opposite, we never agree on the same woman being pretty. We can agree if she is nice, cool, and fun.

    It is not all about looks, if that is what you are looking at then maybe that explains a little of the visual attractiveness men see. It is preference.


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  • Well miss it is not always about the looks when it comes to men. What guys also consider is personality and even more rational, what women can do for them. Can a woman cook very good? Can a woman clean a home very good? Will a woman let me be myself and not try to change me for her own benefit? I don't really consider anyone ugly because that is just the way I am from a personality point, but ugly women can make up for what they lack in the beauty department. Ugly women can have great skills with can outmatch any beautiful women. Some beautiful women can have attitude problems such as being selfish, disrespectful, and non-trusting. Some beautiful women also have problems trying new methods in the bedroom where as ugly women do not. Some beautiful women don't what to take an interest in their men whereas some women actually do want to take an interest in their men. Men are visual creatures as well as women, but looks are definitely not everything. Besides what if that beautiful woman gets into a horrible accident where her outside beauty is disfigured and destroyed forever. How will she attract guys then? I hope my response could help answer your question and best of luck with your romantic endeavors!

    PS: Looks aren't everything! Remember that!

  • First, don't believe society - it's not true we're out for visual stimuli only.. I mean, for sex , sure, maybe, but love is a whole different thing - and sorry if you think that's conservative or cliche..

    It depends on what you want in a relationship - just the physical benefits, or also a real companion or soulmate..

    When (most) guys get out of their puberty, they've already realized beauty is a fading gift..and not the only thing to look for for the coming 50-60 years or so..

    I prefer a thousand times an interesting and interested nice and genuine person, than a beauty queen with only perfume between her ears :-)

    And let's be honest, 99% of us will settle - I don't want to try out 100 partners either really :-)

    But yea I get your point: we're being pushed way too much into superficial beauty standards's big business..

    Don't underestimate the less skinny, they've got on average great wits and laid-back attitude which can be quite attractive as well..

    Do you imagine yourself being with a great-looking guy for maybe ten years but who's not able to understand your feelings?

  • They probably aren't sexist and have princess/entitlement disorders like most average/attractive women do. So it's likely they actually make an effort to get to know the guys and can probably cook.

    • There is no reason to put down average/attractive women just to uplift ugly ones. I'm serious, does personality matter THAT much? Because you always hear guys talking about hot girls, not ugly girls who can cook.

    • Isn't it obvious?

    • Well not really because I hardly hear about guys bragging about personalities when it comes to women. So it seems that the ones who do go for "personality over looks" may be settling? They're either settling or it really is that important. I'm not sure because you get mixed messages. I don't understand men clearly lol

  • Its personality its the most impotand thing if you have a beautiful girl with bad personality the relation will never be a good relation.

    But if you have a 'ugly' girl with good personality you will make fun together laugh together . inside = outside but outside isn't inside

  • There was one fugly girl in my class during high-school. She really looked like a horse!

    I admit it was very mean but it was so funny when sometimes people from the backseats made "horsish" sounds when she walked in.. it was near-impossible to hold the burst of laughter!

    But recently I heard she's married. Goddamn! Married?! SHE?! I burst out in such a howling laughter all over the street when I heard this!

    It was a major "wtf"

    What you've heard is true. Normal men prefer pretty, hot and beautiful women.

    But from what I know the friends of that mare were all christians, so probably was she one and the crowd and people she was with as well.

    And that's what they talk about - "inner beauty" - a guarantee for her fiance to be accompanied with his hand for the rest of his life!

  • Good question. I dunno. Good for the ugly girls!

    • Maybe it's also about chemistry. Clearly attractive people are hotter, but it's not like you feel chemistry or attraction to every hot person. Sometimes you feel it in the most bizarre circumstances , and maybe that is what happens between these supposedly mismatched couples. Could be chemistry.

  • I guess they get with guys that can't get a beautiful one.


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  • Just because you don't find them attractive doesn't mean that the guy they're with doesn't..

  • Well I honestly wonder the same thing about ugly guys...and how "unattractive" girls and guys often get paired up together. It's just how it goes, I guess.


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