Do you believe that curly hair has the potential to make you look younger??

Maybe it's just me,but I feel like when I wear my hair naturally curly,it takes years off as opposed to when I wear it straight. Is it just me or have you experienced the same thing with curly hair?

AND what about bangs?Do you feel bangs make you look younger?

Just wondering,thanks :)


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  • Yeah, I have curly hair & I feel like I look much younger with it. Curly says "cute" or "youthful" where as straight says "sexy" and "mature."

    I think bangs can age a person w/o a doubt. That's why it's important to find the right bangs for your haircut, length and face shape. I don't have bangs since I just wear my hair down curly but when I used to straighten my hair I had side swept bangs that complimented my face well. It took me a while to find the right cut for my face since I refused to go to a salon.

    Hair style definitely has an impact on the vibe you're trying to send out.


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  • I have curly hair and it makes me look about 5 years older. People usually tell me I look 21-25 but I'm 17.

    • Hmmm...thats interesting...

    • are you sure its the hair? lol js..

    • Maybe it isn't.. I haven't quite figured it out yet. lol I've always wondered so I just assumed it was the hair.

  • I don't think curly necessarily llooks younger but it usually appears less sophisticated than straight, straight carries an association of maturity and being well put together

  • I too look younger with my hair curly. I've never had bangs. I like my forehead too much plus bangs don't look right when your hair's curly

    • Thanks for responding.I didn't mean bangs w/curly hair.But a straight style with bangs?Did you feel you looked younger? :)

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