Question for the good looking ladies what would you say is more attractive?

When a guy acts indifferent to the fact you are very good looking woman or when he is trying to flirt with you excessively and being in your face?


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  • Well, I would not say that I'm good I won't use myself as a reference...but I'll use my friend...that is beautiful:

    We were talking about something like this a while ago...and this is what she said:

    She actually likes something in the middle...not when a guy brings up the fact that she is pretty all the time (that can get very awkward)...but just ignoring it makes her think a guy is not interested. Every girl likes to be complimented...but not all of the time...something more subtle would be best. Good Luck : )


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  • Neither one. I want him to appreciate how I look, but I want to know that he's not into me solely because of how I look. Acting indifferent would make me think = player, arrogant, playing mind games. Acting in my face would make me think = All about my looks, horn dog, willing to do anything to get laid.

  • It is way more attractive when you pretend you think she isn't pretty. That'll probably keep her coming back for more, and she'll try to impress you. If a guy came up to me all the time and told me I was beautiful every minute I would be flattered but it would probably get annoying after a while. On the other hand, if you are indifferent about it, she'll keep coming back to you in hopes of getting you interested. We women are like that. haha. Hope I helped.

  • Neither. Something inbetween would be best.

    If you're indifferent towards me I won't bother with you.

    If you're excessive and clingy, I'm going to try to shake you fast.

    It's all about moderation!


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