When guys see an attractive girl, is it mostly for their sex appeal? Like what do they really see?

Today my friends and I were walking through the mall. I had on some skinny jeans with a tube top shirt that showed just a little cleavage, with a nice sweater. The out fit was very respectable and mature, but when guys looked at me I felt like when the saw me all they wanted was sex. I know that I am an attractive woman with very nice curves, and I am also very beautiful. But I feel like they looked past my beauty and only saw my sexiness. I don't know if I should be offended or not, or if I'm even thinking to much into this. But I want to know.


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  • By nature we're animals, as animals we have "mating instincts" even pheromones. Whenever we see curves, cleavage, or anything sexual, the thought will pop into our heads. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to themselves. However we do appreciate other things in the people we meet, some unfortunately don't, but I do.

    I don't think you should worry or think about it too much. You'll always get some sort of attention when you respectfully flaunt your features.

  • All men, including those of us who are gentlemen and do believe in learning to get to know a girl and love her for who she is, will see the sexual side of you first. A mature man learns to love a girl he lusts after first. It will never stop him from doing some very naughty things to your body in his mind. It doesn't matter how you're dressed. If you're attractive, our imagination can fill in the details. I don't recommend dressing really slutty, but just know that even with conservative dress we are going to take in your body first each time, every time.

    Think about it for a moment. You could be the sweetest girl next door, or you could be a psycho bitch from hell. We don't know that by just looking at your breasts or bum. If you give us a chance (and we stop staring, near impossible though it may be if you are super hot) we might just be able to get to know your personality. Your attitude isn't tattooed on your forehead, so you can't blame us for sizing up the part of you that we'll know instantly if we like or not. We just hope the rest of you is worth getting to know later. :)


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