What attracts guys to girls in a club?

just wondering what makes a guy go 'wow' at a girl in a club? short skirt? skinny jeans? someone who looks bouncy and bubbly? someone that looks shy? someone who looks confident?...
so basically the slag that throws herself at you?!


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  • Put it this way, guys don't go to clubs to look for a relationship... the more slutty you dress showing more skin, the more guys you will get coming onto you. Douchebags and all, pretty much you will be singled out to dance with if this is what you really want. Just be warned, although the more slutty you dress, the more guys you will attract. Many guys will feel they can take advantage of your "openess"

    • thats where I was like wtf lastnight! I wore dark blue skinny jeans, heels and a black sleevless top (showed off cleavage but no way near as much as I usually show)...and I got more attention dressed like that than when I wear short skirts with my boobs out...how does that work?!

    • it looks as though you're more up for attracting mens attention to get laid when you dress less. Its as if your asking them

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  • You don't go wow at a shy girl standing in the corner, even if she very nice. Since you don't know people, it's the visual that counts. Mini skirt and bouncing around is a good start.

  • just 5-6 beers, and every girl at the club is hot lol

  • what makes me go wow? if she has horns and 6 arms. that would be quite shocking

  • Hot, hot, HOT body. It's not about the clothes, ladies--it's about the body underneath. You can be dressed relatively conservatively, but if you're body is smoking, you'll get noticed. And you can wear the sluttiest clothes imaginable, but if you're built like a dump truck, it won't make much difference for most of us.

  • tight clothes, slutty behavior, smiles. A lot of make-up without being pretty will get you far because A) we've been drinking and B) it's dark.

    • @update: precisely

    • ok...so what if the guy saw a girl he actually liked the look of - for more than just a one night stand...would he look for something different other than the slutty look?

    • yes he would.

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