What should I wear to attract a man?

Im meeting up with a guy one night after work this week. It will be the first time we meet and its just to have sex and a good time..if it goes well it might turn into friends with benefits.

When it comes to clothes I have no idea of what to wear..

I have an office job so jeans are out of the question...

Options include: a dress, skirt or dress pants

Should I wear something on the casual side or classy?

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks for the answers...the whole thing ended up getting canceled, however, if it does happen in the future, I will keep in mind your suggestions.


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  • I think the way Olivia Wilde dressed when she met ryan reynolds in "Change up" was perfect for such circumstance :) ..actually her image came in my mind when I read this .. If you didn't watch the movie , she wore a mega hot red dress ( not too revealing though, its less teasing) .. with some heels and very minimal accessories .. and you are good to go.

    Here's a photo I got



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  • No clothes is best to attract a man, but a bit too bold for some. Skirts are hot. ^^


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