Me in real life: Beautiful; Me in the club: Ugly??

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? When I'm at school/work/somewhere else, people actually come up to me and tell me I'm gorgeous. But in the club it's a different story. I only get hit on by creeps and a lot of people give me weird looks. What the hell?

Now for those of you that say it might be insecurity, it's not that, I like how I look, I am secure in my self, without shoving it in other people's face. And I'm very nice to everybody, looks don't matter to me.


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  • I imagine you are dressing differently in the club and in real life?

    Girls dress in a different style at the club. They also likely wear more makeup so that you can see it in the dark?

    Also, when you say you get hit on by creeps, I am assuming that you mean in the club?

    Well, think about the types of people that would frequent clubs.

    I personally do not hit on girls in the clubs, I try to focus on girls in real life. I do this because I think girls in real life are more beautiful, just as you pointed out. But guess what?...girls seem to often ONLY want to meet guys when out partying and clubbing and such.

    So, it is how you dress, how you act, and of course, the type of people you will see at a club that determines your situation.

    next time a guy randomly at school or work says you are beautiful, randomly ask them their name...DUH!


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  • Proper club etiquette for women is to wear tight, revealing clothes, get a little tipsy, have an annoying voice, and rub your ass all over an unknown man's crotch. If you are not doing those things, of course you're going to look weird.


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  • maybe you don't look like a skank in the club?


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