How to stay younger longer?

How do you keep your hair color a color and you skin clear of wrinkles for a very long time?


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  • -Exfoliate skin 1-2x a week using a scrub. Make sure to pay attention to your neck, chest and the back of your hands as those are the dead giveaways of aging

    -Sunscreen all of the time, everywhere, regardless of weather

    -Eat oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and herring regularly. Omega 3's have inflammatory properties and help keep skin plump

    -Avoid the sun as much as possible but if you do go out, wear sunscreen, hats and shades

    -Use a glycolic acid peel on a regular basis

    -In your 20's, begin using a dermatologist prescribed Retin-A product. OTC products aren't concentrated enough to prevent or minimize wrinkles, so start in your late 20's with a dermatologist prescribed Vitamin A based cream. Retin-A is wonderful

    -Avoid drinking, smoking & doing drugs as much as possible

    -Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep skin plump

    -Get your rest as it can leave your skin looking dull & leave you feeling iffy health wise

    -Eat a diet rich in dark green leafy veggies, red/orange veggies and fruits(blueberries, strawberries, pomegranates and grapes are great)

    -Exercise to help keep your body healthy and functioning

    -Get a regular physical annually to make sure you're healthy from within


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  • Take care of yourself. Get lots of vitamins and minerals, keep your metabolism healthy, don't smoke and drink a lot, avoid unnecessary stress, etc. That's really all you can do. No secret pill or cream is going to prevent aging.

    • Not aging, signs of aging. :P But thanks, helpful. :)

  • Its imposible its just in your DNA you can't change it only hide it.

  • Don't go out in the sun as much. Show no facial expressions. Do not use harsh chemicals. Don't take drugs. Don't work in environments where there are high levels of grease (fast food places). If you get a blemish, don't pick at it so it will scab over and cause a scar.

    A lack of B vitamins may cause hair to turn white. Thyroid problems are another factor in hair turning white. Smoking, which depletes oxygen, can cause pigment cells to die sooner and can cause hair to turn quite sooner or more rapidly. I hear that stress will cause one to gain more gray hairs as well.

    • aka Have no life. :)

    • I just do most of the stuff indoors. I dislike the sun. Quite busy really. And all that bad stuff, like smoking, drinking, drugs... who needs it. I know I don't have tiger blood in my veins.

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