Name brand make up worth it?

Do primers and all that really help your makeup stay on longer? I have oily skin what are some products that help for oily skin and pores.. I also have some acne scars to hide. my make up always wears off and feels heavy on my face. Right now I use mostly drug store brands.. revlon mostly. Also sometimes my make up looks cakey does anyone do anything that helps? Thank you!


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  • Well hello dear! I have the same problem as you! :D

    I have the oily skin/ combination skin. And YES it is really worth the money you pay! One thing that helps with my oily skin are the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. GET THE GEL, NOT THE CREAM! Cream makes everything oilier. Another thing I use is the CLINIQUE acne solution spot healing gel. ( even if you don't have acne it helps a lot to prepare your skin for the moisturizer.

    Another thing I use is the Clinique acne solution liquid makeup.. But of course get it in your shade/ tone.. I'm 03

    (****note**** with the moisturizer you should use the whole line of skincare because it really does help take away a bit of the moister.

    I also have the acne scar corrector by Clinique.

    the routine in the morning...

    1) wash your face with the Oily Skin product from Clinique the three step solution.

    2) apply the acne solution spot healing gel.

    3) apply the acne scar corrector

    4) then, once that has sunken in add the gel moisturizer... Or put some moisturizer and some of the liquid makeup and mix it. With a stippling brush, stipple the mix on your face.( that way it won't look cake.

    When you go to Sephora, or your local well known makeup store.. Go STRAIGHT to Urban Decay or Clinique.

    In clinique the things will be pricey but its worth it. They things I listed above are there.

    In Urban Decay, you can get many things also, like:

    Urban Decays Eye shadow Primer Potion. This product is... Amazing. I have no other words for this. It does NOT let that makeup slip or slide ANYWHERE! These come in four different colors.. I believe they are...Sin, Eden, Greed and Original. Those are about $18 dollars.

    Another AMAZING PRODUCT is the Naked Palette 1. It has 12 colors. And they are really very pigmented. This is about $45-$50 dollars.

    Another thing I have from urban decay is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in purple. These pencils are in every color imaginable. These are so f***ing bright. No matter what color your eyes are going to POP!

    I don't have a lot. But I sure hope I helped! If you have any further questions just add me and don't be afraid to chat me!


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  • Well go into Sephora and try the brand called "Urban Decay" their primer for the eyeshadow is AMAZING! it doesn't wear off at all, it comes off when YOU want it to come off. So that's your best choice, unless someone else has a better option. But store brand makeup sucks, I use only their eyeshadows, but for foundation and liquid foundation I use Lancome or mineralfusion those are around $42 - $50.

  • Honestly, you should spend a little more on a better brand for your foundation. All of the drugstore brands I've ever bought went on cakey and barely lasted. Try Studio Gear Foundation, that's the best I've ever tried and I've tried a lot lol. It goes on light but will still cover your face and stay on. You really should try to find a powdery foundation since you have oily skin though. Bare Minerals has a really good line for that. Also, ALWAYS moisturize your face! Primers pretty much do the same thing as a facial lotion will do but the lotion will benefit your skin a lot more. Make sure you always wash your face especially if you wore makeup. When putting makeup on use a facial lotion and a good foundation.


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