Kinda embarrasing but I want my ass to look bigger. How to do it ?

Like I said in the question I want my ass to be little bigger. Its really small. I have a curvy body with not huge boobs but big boobs with a small ass. It's kinda out of proportion it seems. So how to get nice ass ? I don't want a huge one but little bigger than I have right now. Any ideas ? I'd really appreciate any help. :)


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  • Eat doughnuts.

    • Wouldn't that make me fat ?

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    • I am in a medium size so why I have a small ass and not a medium ass ? :)

    • I don't know, but it sounds like you will have to get extra fat in order to have a fat ass then.

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  • Funniest thing I've ever seen is girls in the gym trying to build up their behinds. Can't be done, it's genetic. You can firm it up, but you can't change the basic size.

  • Don't get fat just work out your but muscle play soccer


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