Girls, do you think that guys should cover up more at the beach?

I very rarely go to the beach but when I do, I wear long shorts and a shirt to cover up my body. I'm not fat; I'm in good shape.

I heard that a man in speedos isn't a good sight because it reveals too much of the hideous male body. Does this mean that men should cover up more and not go topless?

Would it make you feel more comfortable if men wore longer shorts and shirts at the beach?

The more coverage, the better?

I wear shirts in the water too, do you think all men should as well?


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  • the long shorts actually drive me crazy. All long shorts, like the basketball wardrobe boys and men wear, they wear unnecessarily long bball shorts, long socks when really they aren't even going to play. I really like soccer shorts on men, where they cut off just above the knee.

    I am not into speedos either, I certainly don't think the male body is hideous in any way, as for a shirt, that's up to you, I don't feel strongly in either direction, do what makes you comfortable, the point of going to the beach is to relax and have a good time, if people are going to get judgmental and crazy about it, not to say that all opinions or criticisms are crazy but if someone is going to force their opinions upon you and make you think that simply being yourself at the beach is wrong then that's someone you don't need to bend over backwards for.

    Besides I think women should wear more at the beach, I don't mean to squash people rights but I cannot seem to get over the hypocrisy that is the fact that girls basically wear a bra and panties to the beach yet are modest or offended when they are seen in actual bras and panties. But to each their own.


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