Any ugly ducklings out there?

Anyone was awkward looking in high school then got a lot better afterwards?

More specifically , Anyone lost like 60+ pounds and suddenly went from an obese kid who got picked on every single day to someone actually decent looking?

If so , why are you still stuck with the old of feeling of you are not good enough ?

I lost 60 pounds , I still feel unattractive , although everyone treats me completely differently ( I don't get picked , I get asked out and checked out , guys flirt and call me pretty) how come I can't get over fat me?

Tell me about your ugly duckling experience , maybe I will get over mine .


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What Guys Said 1

  • I was a kind of an ugly duckling when I was young but they I grew to become more handsome. I didn't exactly think of the change. For some people it takes them a long time.


What Girls Said 1

  • im not ugly at all, I'm very attractive from the neck up but I need to lose a lot of weight. so, I'm having more of a "pretty, but fat ass duckling" experience if that counts?

    i feel that way yes. and I think its great you lost the weight. I'm 22 and I still need lose a lot of weight and who the hell knows when that's going to happen.


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