Im having a tattoo on Thursday ... does it hurt?

Im having a tatto under my stomach on the left...Its quite small... its like two words.. Does it hurt? How bad does it hurt? can I take pain killers before? lol or get high or somehting to make the pain less? Thankssss


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  • It depends on where you decide to get it. Areas where there are dense nerve clusters hurt more (near the spine), as do boney areas (fingers, wrists, ankles, etc). Fleshy areas hurt much less (hips, abdomen, breasts, thighs, etc).

    Take mortrin about one hour before you get it to reduce your discomfort. And take another dose four hours later.

    First, make sure you SEE with your own eyes when the tattoo artist takes your brank new needle out of the package. This will reduce your chance of getting Hepatitis C, which has become commonplace with tattoos. Respectable artists will NEVER re-use needles and will not make you feel stupid for asking if it's a new needle. If they try to make your feel stupid, get up and run, because they're re-using needles. (***FYI, Hepatitis C deaths in the United States now exceed those caused by HIV.)

    After you get your ink, visit Target's baby care aisle and buy some Vitamin A&D diaper ointment. Many tattoo artists will say to use Neosporin, but that's to reduce infection. Vitamin A&D ointment keeps your skin moist so it won't scab over. Scabbing can pull your fresh ink out of your skin, so this is the best, best, best way to get top-notch results. Reapply every couple of hours and after showering.

    In the future if you're going to have your ink exposed to the sun (tank tops, swim suits, etc), use a high (50+) broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF sunscreen applied directly to the area to keep the ink from fading. You'll thank yourself when you don't have to get your ink freshened up in ten years.

    I hope this has helped--good luck. Choose something you LOVE, because tats are super expensive to remove.


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  • It depends on your pain tolerance, two words? I'm sure the sitting will be under 30 minutes.


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  • I have 2 tattoos and neither of them hurt that bad, you won't need pain killers...and most tattoo artists won't tattoo you if you're under the influence of anything, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen

    • Where do you have your tattoos if you don't mind me asking? I mean aparently some places hurt more than the others no ?

    • I have one on the front of my right hip right on the bone and another one on my side where it's a bit more fleshy. They both hurt the same amount for me, if anything I found the feeling more annoying the painful. My belly button piercing hurt more than my tattoos did

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