Do physically attractive girls have more friends, usually?

are pretty girls more likely to have more friends (or "Friends") than average looking girls?

i am convinced that because of my average looks, I have no friends. there is nothing special about me, no personality, no looks, no money, no reputation. thus, that is why I believe I have no friends (or never even had a boyfriend, let alone a male friend for 22 years of my life on earth)...or maybe it's just because I never talk to anybody in my college classes. even if I did talk to them, nothing would ever come out of it.

i know some of you will say, no it's the personality, but is it really the case?

my mom (who I look up to alot) tells me that pretty people (think thin, attractive, typical rich caucasian people) have an advantage and have more friends than homely people.

what do you guys believe based on your experiences?

No sugar coating, please. just the cold truth.


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  • Yes, and no. Really attractive girls often have many more male friends than female friends. They tend to attract a lot of male attention to begin with, so they tend to friend-zone these guys frequently, as they can't date 20 guys at once. This also creates a problem for really attractive girls.

    A beautiful girl is going to be better looking than a lot of other girls out there, and can often lower the self-confidence of the average girl. When they are in a public setting, more often than not, the guys will flock towards the more attractive of the two girls, leaving the average girl feeling unwanted. This can create a silent war of competition for looks, and even leave the average girl feeling jealous or bitter. Female friendships often break up this way when one girl is considerably more attractive than the other.

    For the reasons above, really attractive girls often have many more male friends than female friends. A majority of their male friends would like to either sleep with or date the really attractive girl. Some of them may be good friends, but a lot of them would like more than friendship.

    As for average looking girls, they can find friendships. The key to finding, making and keeping friendships alive is to be a more giving person to those you come in contact with. If you are friendly, warm and sharing, people want to be your friend.

    If you are hard on yourself (insecurities) or others (constant criticism) then people tend to shy away from you. Looks do play a factor to a degree, but unless you really deformed or extremely obese, friendship matters much more about how you project yourself to the world on the inside, not just the outside.

    • that's not what I see in public...attractive women seem to have more female friends...maybe it's where you live...

      thanks for your input though

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    • that's comforting...

    • You can't change your looks any more than a really attractive girl can. I do recommend as did another poster that you stop listening to your mother on this issue. There are millions of average girls out there with friends. You DO, however, want to try and work on the personal attributes that are within your control other than looks. All people have room for personal improvement, regardless of their bodies.

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  • I haven't noticed you (22 year old Asian college student) posting your questions about being a loner for a few weeks! Amazing.

    You are making excuses for yourself by blaming outside forces that you can't change. Forget all that. You are who you are, and the reason why you're a loner is because that is what you've allowed yourself to become. It's not that you're Asian. It's not that you're average looking. It's that you are socially withdrawn. Even the nerdiest of the nerds and the geekiest of the geeks have friends. Why? Because they put themselves out there and have passion for what they do.

    You are just sitting alone making excuses for yourself, and while you're drowning in self pity, everyone else(including people even less fortunate than you) is out there living their life and making something out of what they have. If you don't see this to be the reality of your situation, then I'll see you next week when you post another question about it.

    • well I don't think I've posted on this website for quite a while...

  • Average looking girls tend to have more "Real" friends than attractive girls. Attractive girls tend to have a higher porportion of male friends whom are mainly friends with her cause they want to sleep with her. If something would happen to her looks, then these "fake" male friends would not be her friend anymore.

    It's more about personality and the person's character that will have an affect on how many friends they have.

  • I wouldn't say it like that. I do think it has much to do with personality though, because everyone can have friends regardless of looks.

  • You sound shy. That is where I would look for answers to questions about your lack of relationships. If you aren't willing to put yourself out there, why would anyone do it for you? If you want friends, seek them out.

    You say you're in college. Who goes to your classes for you? Who does your homework? Who takes your tests? I'm assuming you do all of those things. You have to do for yourself before anyone will do for you.

    As for your mom, I'm afraid, while she has your best interest at heart, she isn't doing you any favors. She may trying to protect you because she doesn't know how to help you. People of all kinds of backgrounds, appearances, wealth, intelligence, etc., have friends. I can guarantee you they all have to work at their relationships. At soon as you stop working on any one relationship, you will see it change. You may keep the person as a friend, but they may not be as close. It's just that simple.

    • well yah, I am shy. obviously,maybe a bit too much

    • Don't make your shyness such a convenient excuse. Put yourself out there. If you don't, who will?

  • I think the girls that are most disadvantaged looks wise usually have the best friends (people that are truly good to them and loyal). I've seen plenty of them have boyfriends too. You just need to accept yourself, and stop being so insecure. As far as meeting a guy, you just have to meet someone on your level that has a similar personality. Start opening up a little and you will meet people.

    Just as a daily observation. I know these 3 bellow average girls, they are very close friends and are nice girls. 2 out of the three of them have boyfriends. I know this girl that is hot, she's a model and she basically has no friends. She hangs around with this guy she friend zoned. Basically he's a douche bag that's hanging in there with unreal persistence and desperation trying to get with her. Meanwhile she's trying to get with me. =P Looks are not what get you friends and they are not what keep guys around to commit to you in a real relationship. They are a quick way to attract, but who you are is what keeps people around.


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  • not at all. maybe in high school, but afterward it's all about what you have to can't give a pretty face.

    • i also know plenty of pretty girls in high school who had lots to give who had no friends.

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    • really? then why do most high school girls want to befriend the pretty girls in the first day of classes?

    • Not all the pretty girls have people around them and not all the plain girls are lonely. You're not seeing the gray areas in betwen.

  • You don't have any friends because you think that you are a loser. Start to see your shine. Listen to Katy Perry's "Fireworks" and start to see your true light. Friendship has the least to do with looks and the most to do with what you have to offer other people.

    • Also, your mom is giving you bad advice. Maybe she has bad social skills because of her attitude about it and has passed it on to you. Why don't you try to talk to anyone in your classes? Something indeed might come out of it.

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