What is the best pageant hair?

Ok, I'm going to be in a Miss Relay for Life pageant in April. My age group is 14-18. Its more of a natural pageant. No extensions, flippers (for the younger kids.) but this pageant judges will be doing prettiest hair, smile, dress, photogenic, most beautiful a princess and queen in each age division and all that. Girls do get spray tans too so its not all natural pageant. We only do formal wear. Its all full poofy dresses in my age divisions. My dress is a light blue strapless with a sweet heart neck line. I am kinda pale but not extremely white! I have strawberry blond hair and the tips go a little past my boob. I'm not sure if I want to do straight, half up, half down or curly! Can you help me decide on whichwould be ber? I would like to win prettiest hair! Thanks:)


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  • I think you should do curly and put it up in a fun way. Just play around with it. That's the best way to figure out what looks good.

    • Im not doing it myself, I have somebody to do my hair, and I wore my hair up in the last pageant I was in so I kinda wanted to switch it up!

    • Do you have a pic of your dress? I still really think an updo would be your best bet since its strapless.

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