Why does a well dressed woman intimidate so many men?

I could understand the fact that he would think she might be high maintenance but..that's not always true. Not all women who are well dressed are high maintenance and not all women who don't dress well are low maintenance. This is a stereotype.

So, I'm just wondering, why else a well-dressed woman, is so intimidating to men?


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  • I think it just takes a more confident man.

    I guess there's a presumption that if a woman cares so much about how she looks - she also cares a lot about how other people look too. So if a guy isn't completely confident in himself, he's maybe going to assume she won't think he's good enough.

    I'm not saying this is true, I like to dress up most the time; just going to the shops or something like that - I put effort into how I look; but this doesn't mean I care about the looks of others. I've dated men who pretty much pay no attention to their attire or looks - and people have always questioned what we saw in each other; but looks aside we had a hell of a lot in common.

    • Why'd you stop dating them?

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    • I suppose. I mean, I read questions on here all the time asking, why won't he make us serious, or "are we serious?"...usually asked by women, and they'd only been dating a few months. I don't know

    • Well - I guess I don't really like that kind of thing. I like my relationships to be a bit more casual - at least when they're just starting out.

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  • Well it's really a confidence issue, I like looking good even if I'm in my house. Men would think they can't approach me because theyre not in my league when I don't believe in leagues. I look at personalities.

    I'm new to the US and find most people here materialistic so if you dress and look great they thing you are acting all uppity.

  • This happens to me all the time!

    If I know I'm going out and I'm handing out with girls before hand I can do my hair and makeup and put a hot dress on- still takes less than an hour but anyway

    We go out and no guys will hit on us, well be looking around and smiling at men- nothing

    But if I go out after work and I'm not looking so great I get hit on?

    What's the deal?

    • Be careful about where you go. Clubs and bars are typically for hookups. However, you might look a little out of place if you showed up to the bookstore in a short tight dress with your hair and makeup done. People will think you're a little over-dressed for such a place

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    • I necessarily thought about it, it's just what I like

      And I don't care what guys I like wear so it's never even been a thought to me that what I wear would turn a guy off so bad as to not flirt unless it was god awful

    • I can't really think of an outfit that's so hideous that no man would approach you. I mean, even sweats are attractive, ya know?

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