How do I look? Do I really look bad?

I'm confused Because every1 thinks they are smart so maybe even im...

well recently an angry girl just said me ugly(wen I gave her my opinion about her studies) ...she then apologized and said I good look and all she was not serious well I blocked her

just some curiosity to ask every1 have this question in mind ...feel free to give your inputs...please go through my other pics tooo...rate me for looks and body...suggest improvement ...i still feel she maybe right and she apologized for the sake of humanity everybody does

frndss thank you for your positive answers with your added thoughts it was just amazing .

.(gave all of you +1) I won't underestimate myself...n tomorrow wen ill go to my college ill show that girl this question and tell her see what people think about me was her loss...



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  • Your average with a nice body, lol. Don't let her get you down :)


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  • i think it is how you feel about yourself. seems like she just was going through some insecurity and needed to deflate someone else to make her feel better. even if you don't look as she thinks you should she is not the official on who is what. furget her I don't even need to look at your pictures and offer up judgement on whether you look "good" or not. its in the eye of the beholder... I am sure you are handsome.

  • you seem superficial and uncomfortable with your self.

    stop trying so hard with the whole gym thing.

    its obvious that you go to the gym often and care about your hair.

    stop with the hairspray.

    relax. you have a fit body but you seem to try too much.

    • Lol what's so wrong with keeping fit and caring about physical appearance?

    • Nothing at all but when you care too much about your appearance it can become annoying.

      Believe me I'm all about eating organic, vegan, and healthy.

  • you look really good. don't worry about that so much. worry about what's on her mind and showing her a good time. girls are more emotinoal then guys and less physical.

  • Solid 8.5 out of 10. There's nothing wrong with how you look. She was probably just lashing out because she was mad or something. But don't worry. You look good!


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  • You're an average looking guy, with a fit body. You're definitely not ugly. (IMO, as a straight guy.)


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