Girl in skirt gets approached more?

I am one of the youngest women at work and I usually wear skirts at or sightly above my knee. They are pencil skirts and I am very hourglass. Do you think men would leave me alone more if I wore tight black dress pants?
Oh I'm not tryingto necessarily ward them off. I know they both can be revealing but I was just crious if the skirt is sexier because I think skirts are.


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  • Yeah, I think skirts are sexier too. If I could wear skirts more I would, I just haven't found many that fit that great. If you wore tight black pants though, you'd probably still be approached but your sexiness factor goes up a couple notches with a skirt imo.


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  • There's a contradiction.

    So.. your problem is you don't want men to approach you or that much as it used to be?

    And your only two options are wearing:

    -a short skirt


    -tight pants


    I mean.. is it a serious question?

    I think you're trying to fish for compliments, but maybe I'm wrong about this.

    If you don't want men to approach you tie your hair in a bun, wear baggy clothes or grey-colored hipster style clothes and don't wear any make-up at all.

    Results guaranteed.

  • You will be hit on no matter what you wear. Different guys like different things. I know a guy on here who doesn't like dresses and skirts at all and rather prefers tight pants. Your best bet would just be to give them very little eye contact and don't smile when you do

  • No.

    You want to get less attention, dress down. Tight pants aren't the way to do that.

  • There are a lot of men who appreciate the look of a sexy woman in a skirt, but if you are young and attractive, you are going to have men approach you regardless.

    I hope you have a brother who is a power lifter who looks nothing like you. Then you can cover your desk in pictures of you with him. (A friend might work just as well). Ask around for a used baby seat to put in the back of your car.

    I used to work with a woman who actually went as far as buying a cheap wedding band that she wore while traveling for work to keep creepy guys away. Given her looks and her attitude, I thought that was completely unnecessary. I had a hard time believing she had that many guys approaching her.


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  • No. I honestly think if a guy think you are attrractive,you could be wearing sweatpants and he would still hit on you.Also,wearing "tight" dress pants is not dressing down by very much.


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