Do you think having tattoos and stretched ears destroy your chance of getting a job?

I wanna know what it's like in other countries when it comes to specific careers and having tattoos and stretched ears.

I live in Toronto so people sort of have an open mind when it comes to expressing themselves. But I'm also a medical student.

I work in a hospital (with my stretched ears) & I wear long sleeves to cover up most of my tattoos. Or, sometimes I just remove all the piercings I can for safety reasons (some patients are violent)

Would you want to be defended in court by a good lawyer with plenty of tattoos or a shabby one who looks modest?

What's it like trying to find a job where you live if you have a lot of piercings?


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  • Yep, Society hates/fears open-minded people.

    • Being open minded and looking unprofessional are two very very different things.

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    • I agree.

      You'd be surprised at the amounts of glares a person gets in the summer time.

      But I think it's more of what society views having tattoo and piercings as being uncommon and a sign or rebellion.

    • thanks for BA!

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  • Without a doubt, visible tattoos and uncommon piercings will prevent you from getting a job with many employers.

    One of my friends was on the cusp of getting a very high paying job as a regional manager for a company and after a fantastic interview he reached out to shake the President's hand and his tattoo sleeve briefly became visible at the wrist and the President noticed. He was told 2 days later he didn't get the job because someone with a different vision was selected. He told me it was definitely the tattoo that screwed him because the executives said in his interview they liked his ideas.

    • What does unlooking unprofessional have to do with being professionally qualified? I understand that people want the best person to represent their company but I think it's complete utter bullsh*t.

    • Meh, I suppose.

    • That's quite strange.

      You'd at least think they should get hired based on their work ethics and not their looks.

      Or a tattoo sleeve for that matter sense it can be covered.

  • For tattoos, it depends on the type of job, where the tattoos are, and what they are of. A full face tattoo in a customer service job with a lot of in person work might not work so well. A tat on the arm where it can be easily covered is probably not a big deal.

    Stretched earlobes, that might be troublesome, as it might not heal as quickly as the usual piercings do, and many businesses are dependent on first impressions, etc.

    But the jobs where it won't matter so much and you don't deal with a lot of people would probably allow you to have more of those kinds of things.

  • The ears and piercings might be a problem

  • yes


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  • Yeah!
    I'm in nursing school.
    You can have the tattoos you want
    but they must be covered if doing rounds
    Pierced ears are ok, but studs only
    nothing dangly
    No visible piercings
    I have my nipples done
    And want to do my tongue
    but better not.
    At least for now

  • If you have tattoos and gauges you will definitely have a harder time finding a job where I live (Seattle but DC is where I'm from). Back home (DC area) if you have tats/gauges your only choices are stock room, hot topic, or a tattoo parlor (obviously other choices but you get what I mean). I don't have anything against these modifications but I definitely wouldn't chose a lawyer to represent me who has a sleeve and huge gauges. Not because I'm against but because from experience with working in the military and around high officials, I know that they will see that as you're a rebel and probably go against authority.

  • Yeah,its difficult to find a job with gauges/piercings and ink.I have a friend who is doing okay with getting a job with all of those things,however he is not in the corporate world or anywhere near it.He mainly works as a bartender,server,and once worked for a urban outfiitters window design team.He is a very diligent worker hence him booking work,but as a server,sometimes his bosses don't even want to see the tats...hes a batender for crying out loud!Anyway,workplaces aren't receptive. :/

  • It depends on the type of job that you want.

  • Well it depends, no what your tattoos are of, and by stretched ears, you mean gauges right? Sometimes depending on your gauge sizes. How big do you have, in diameter, I'm not really familiar with the number to size ratio. ( I think zeros are about an inch in diameter, right?) But if you wear teeny- tiny gauges theyre not really noticable and somethimes you can waer you hair down to cover up, also depending on work place, since you work in a medical center, it might just get in the way.

    • That's true.

      Now they have gauges that you can wear that look like bigger studs. or you can just wear plugs.

  • Sadly it is true. Nowadays it is really hard to find a job and depending what job you are getting really can destroy your chance. Usually professional places are going to go with the guy in a suit all nice neatand organized. People really don't have time to judge and look at your personality even if it is hard-working, so they judge on physical appearance of how you dress and how neat you look. That is how society is and let me say, if I was a professional worker, I'm not going to hire a person with big stretched ears and tattoos, even if I might be wrong about them being good-workers, I would go for the guy with a professo=ional bussiness and organized look. If you have tattoos and wear long sleeves, then I think it wouldn't really matter.One or two tattoos isn't going to destroy your chance of getting a job, but there is a limit to where it can. Now if you are going to work in places like a hair salon, tattoo shop or McDonald's type, then it probably wouldn't matteras much.


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