How do you go from 'cute' to 'sexy'?

I am constantly told I'm cute, which is find and dandy and I'm totally flattered but on occasion I want to up that appearance and try a sexy approach. I'm not sure how you go from cute to sexy though. Please help! Guy and Girl responses are much appreciated !


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  • sexy is broken down into two categories; sexy appearance and sexy attitude.

    sexy appearance:

    -a lot is genetic e.g. body and face shape, symmetry etc.

    -hairstyle: generally long hair comes off as more sexually attractive and shorter hair as cuter but you're going to be more successful if you actually seek out a hairstyle that flatters your face shape. men find all sorts of face shapes attractive so work with what youve got.

    -clothing: there is a fine line between sexy and slutty but it can be done. attraction is 50% what you have and 50% of what people think you have. dress up your assets and camouflage your less attractive features. if you have a nice butt wear tight fitting jeans and some heels. if you have a small waist use waist belts to draw attention there. big boobs, wear something showing cleavage but that's not over the top where they are spilling out. you can also use certain patterns on clothing to flatter your figure. horizontal stripes to make certain areas look wider, vertical to make you look taller/leaner. heels will dress up just about any outfit, just don't wear them with baggy sweatpants.

    -makeup: natural looking yet somewhat bold makeup is sexy. eyeliner can change your look from cute to sexy instantly. smokey eyes are usually quite sexy but over the top smokey eyes can make you look slutty.

    sexy attitude:

    -confidence is number one: confidence in anything that you do. even if you are not confident, fake it til you make it. show confidence in your appearance, driving ability, cooking skills, competitions, school work, etc. confidence shows guys that you are less maintenance emotionally and that's easier on them which makes it more attractive. always smile and keep your head up high and keep a good posture and you'll exude confidence. heels help too, if you can walk properly in them :P

    - positive attitude: this goes hand in hand with confidence and obviously makes you seem nicer to be around. this one though is confusing because it can be perceived both as cute and sexy. as long as you have the rest of the attitude sections down pat this one will also come across as sexy.

    -maturity: cute is perceived when you're not acting as mature as you could. a lot of the time complaining comes off as immature so avoid that as much as possible. and confidence also comes off as mature (cocky comes off as immature though). the tone of voice you use is a big sign of your maturity level. speak clearly and confidently and avoid the "baby voice" and you should do fine.

    last but not least knowing who you are and not allowing anyone to change that is the sexiest thing of all, don't be overtly dependent on people either. good luck ;)


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  • I think the biggest difference is attitude. You and another girl could be wearing the exact same thing but be sending different signals. Try wearing something out of your norm, maybe a little bit provocative for your tastes. You will feel sexy and that will turn you into your 'sexy persona'.

    • Attitude does seem to be a major factor, I need to work on that lol. Thanks for the advice!

  • Cute is way better than sexy. to me sexy = sex object. I don't think you want that. or do you? You want tons of horny guys looking at you?

    • Lol a whole lot of horny guys is definitely not what I am looking for! But it's nice knowing cute cone be perceived as better than sexy.

    • can not cone lol

  • Your profile shot actually does a great job of appealing to both. . .

    I think of the distinction this way: cute appeals to the heart; sexy appeals below the waist. Cute basically makes you go, "awwwwww!" whereas sexy makes you go "woooowwwww!" It's possible to be one, the other, both or neither.

    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks I actually never looked at it that way!

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    • I think I can figure something out! and it's more for myself but it's always nice to impress the boyfriend lol

    • Nice! Haha! Lucky guy!

  • Generally you can't just go from cute to sexy... A lot of it has to do with looks. Someone can give you a bunch of crap that it's all about attitude and personality and how you dress (don't get me wrong, it's true to a point), but the complete, honest truth is some people have hotter physical features/traits than others.

    It's all genetics and what you have physically is what you're stuck with. Fortunately, what people find sexually attractive is fairly subjective... what one person likes in someone's looks (even mannerisms), another might not like them in that way at all. We're all wired a little differently.

    As long as you're on the positive end of the attractiveness scale, looks-wise (and you are), there will likely be people out there that are going to find you sexually appealing.

  • I think you've already succeeded at sexy with that shirt! Nice boobs! What's your bra size?

    • Thanks and none of your bees wax lol

    • You're welcome! And just curious, since they look so spectacular. I'm guessing full Cs or small Ds?

  • Put on some sexy clothes!

    I would recommend something with spaghetti straps and maybe some real tight cut off jeans, but that is just what I like.

  • Fine and dandy. Lol. Well. That they say you're cute- that's a good thing, because you're already on the attractiveness scale. Being sexy means different things to different guys. To some, it means wears exposing, tight clothing, talks in a sultry voice, very flirty and is ready to get in bed. So yeah. To others it just means cute- plus a little, perhaps clothing. So yeah. Don't know if you want to come across as sexy, but if you do its basically how you act: kinda bubbly, girlie or whatever and what you say, flirting or whatever.

    Wow. I've made a mess of this.

    • Lol yes fine and dandy! I'm extremely bubbly and girlie, but it comes across as childish and the dreaded word CUTE. It's not that I wish to be sexy all the time just sometimes so people take me more seriously.

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    • Haha. Have fun with that!

    • I shall lol :)

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  • It is a combination of appearance and attitude. Get yourself some revealing clothes that accentuate your breasts, legs and butt. There are many websites where you can find these and do not be shy. And start thinking sexy.

  • It really depends on your attitude. You have to feel sexy and mature yourself. You want to try to stay away from being the quiet and timid girl who smiles/laughs a lot. For clothes, its just picking things that you wear and feel confident in. You definitely don't have to have your boobs hanging out. But if you're wearing a top and feel sexy in it then you're going to give off the sexy vibe. Also, cute underwear and bra! This always helps me feel sexier. No one sees it but you (well, most of the time) but for some reason it always boosts your self esteem.

    • this ^^ Plus I definitely agree with the advice rachiee gave about nice underwear and bra. I don't know why but sometimes just wearing sexy lingerie (even if no one will see them) can help boost your confidence and make you FEEL sexy which in turn can make you seem more sexy to other people.

    • Cute underwear and bra is definitely such a great trick! It's why Victoria Secret is one of my guilty pleasures lol! Thanks for the advice, I need to work on my attitude!

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