What shade of bronzer?

what shade of matte bronzer will look great on a pale skin? something you can wear in day time too


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  • Hmm.. I suggest you use the creamy blushers instead of powder, because the creamy one you can kinda blend it with your foundation and make it look really glowing naural. :-) Check out Lisa Eldrigde's videos on YouTube. I have no words to describe how amazing she is! Every single thing I know about make up and skincare now is thanks to her.;) She will teach you all the basics about how to use foundation, highlither, blushers etc etc.. She is like a falling saving angel to me. check her out and you will be probably be thank as long as you live haha:P Good luck sweety :-)


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  • You really don't want to go matte. Also, be aware that there will be a noticeable difference and it won't look natural if you use a bronzer on pale skin. Its just common sense. Either tan your skin or opt for a light shade that is more of a blush. You really want to go for a highlighter and not a bronzer I suggest:

    link (in flower fantasy)

    link (in pale golden beige)



    Look at the blushes on there too. Its hard to tell without knowing your exact shade.

  • If you have nice pale skin personally I wouldn't bother. Looks better with blush.


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