Why does he always ask me what I wear?

Ok so whenever I text my crush Henry he always says 'so what are you wearing?' and I'll answer and say that its cute or I'll have him guess until he either gives up ar gets it right. And then he'll make me guess what he is wearing until I give up or guess the correct one. (I'm usually wearing a shirt and jeans/ fuzzy pjs and he's usually shirt and jeans) So why does he have us do this, do you guys do it if so why?


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  • That's just one of the oldest and corniest lines in the nook. I'm sure he is hoping you respond in a sexual way.

    • thats what I thought since once he told me he was gonna take a shower and if I had any thoughts on that

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    • oh yeah he's a dog! lol

    • haha yep lol

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  • I think it's more that he enjoys it when you describe what you are wearing. Many guys find that to be hot, especially because girls tend to use different words and such to describe it, which is cute.

  • its just a corny way to try and get you to talk sexually without asking for it specifically.

    I used to talk to a girl who was 18 when I was 15 and she asked me what I was wearing and I told her I had on my awesome comfy pajama pants because I did and she told me she was wearing a thong and running her hands up and down her leg, got me excited to say the least.


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