Do pheromones make much of a difference?

Is it true that men have pheromones and we pick up on it?

If you think some men have a lot more than other men? can you tell?


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  • Kermit made an interesting point.

    I'll also add that with many men wearing the scent of soap, body wash, deodorant and body sprays such as cologne, his natural musk can be hidden or masked.


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  • I believe in pheromones...scroll down to "Pheromone studies" and you will see that there are male-attracting pheromones in female urine and female-attracting pheromones in male sweat...(:


    • I have read that men and women bond if they work out together. Something about chemicals in both their sweat causing an increased feeling of closeness. Either that, or perhaps the endorphin release that occurs when you exercise being affiliated with their scent. If that is the case I imagine women would have a stronger reaction as they do tend to have better senses of smell. Either way, kind of rambling and off topic on my part, but your comment reminded me of it.

    • Hey! It's ALL interesting to me...(:

  • Women are normally repulsed by the pheromones unless she is on her period. It is something she can subtly pick up on.

  • women can sense it a lot more than men can obviously


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