Do you know of a store where I can get some "fishnet pants" or sheer pants for the beach?

So,i don't exactly have the best skin on my legs or bum,(ive got some bloody stretchmarks that are annoying).Anyway,i would like to wear my bikini as well as some net/sheer like pants or net like Dress to the beach.I think that is a good way to cover the imperfections,but I just don't know where to get these.:( I've seen them before,but no clue where to get them.Please help? :)


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  • I think wearing fishnets or sheer pants with you bikini will call more attention to your legs than if your legs were bare. It'll look silly imo and you'll get the wonkiest tan ever.

    • Not exactly the answer to my question...AND I don't care about getting a tan.

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