Are "Pretty Boys" sexually exciting/arousing to women?

I'm not saying that I'm a pretty boy or anything, but because of my interest in fashion and my own appearance I've started to wonder fi that detracts from my my raw masculinity. I understand that I'm playing with gender roles and wonder if the majority of girls are turned off by such men sexually speaking


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  • As long as he looks and acts like a man then its cool.

    There is no shame with getting in touch with your feminine side .

    Guys should have at least some interest in how they look .

    So YES pretty boys can be exciting .

  • Not the pretty boys who look feminine or seem like they're gay, but I like the ones who look good to me and are manly.

    I think if you're playing with gender roles you're kind of getting into that territory where a lot of girls who prefer masculine men would be turned off, but a certain type of girl who likes what she perceives as a feminine or submissive guy would like it.

    • then explain girls attraction to tv/movie characters like drako malfoy edward from twilight and chuck bass

    • I can't because I'm not attracted to those guys you mentioned

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