I need idea of what to do with my hair!

So, I have to dress up tomorrow and I found this off the shoulder, vintage, full length, crimson velvet dress ($9 thrift store FTW)

I want to do something with my hair but I don't know what would look best. Its curly/wavy, layered, and comes a couple inches past my shoulders (kinda can get the idea from my pic).

I just want to do something besides letting it air dry and wave on its own. It can look 'fancy' like that but that's what it does everyday.

Any and all ideas, pictures are welcome.

I have curler/straightener and about everything etc for use.


I'm super excited to go all girlie on this :p
Due to life being pesty- weather and such, I didn't have time to doll up my hair. But it was one of the rare days where I wake up to perfect curls.

So it worked out :P


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  • With this dress, the hair curled and pinned to the sides of your head in the 20s fashion. Dyed blond would be a plus in terms of a vintage look.


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  • Loose, soft curls that frame your face with a natural eye makeup look and a red lip would be my styling choices for you...

    For the hair, maybe get some inspiration from this- link

    For the eye makeup, maybe this- https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=xYI-ycZenX0

    And for the lip, maybe this tutorial- https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=plZzOOHgDQ0

    Good luck getting your girlie side on. :)

    • haha, I basically am a toned down version of all that every day :P

    • Then go complete opposite with a super dark smokey eye, nude lip and an undo or braid over one side of your hair?

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