Is it possible to be "too" beautiful that men are intimidated by you?

I get complimented ALL the time, saying how gorgeous and beautiful I am. I have a great personality and am really nice. I am just super shy. What I don't get is that any guy I take interest in, they either aren't interested or don't really make an effort to talk to me. I know they could just be jerks and stuff, but I have been single for almost 4 years now and it's not by choice. People keep telling me I'm just so pretty that guys are wimps and scared to say anything, but that makes no sense to me. I'd like to hear it from a guys point of view.


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  • Okay shy girl, I have a test for you. I created a very in-depth guy on your type.


    I want you to read it in full and come back to your question here and post an update. I want you to list what part of the article connected with what you've been doing and what you haven't been doing. Be as detailed as possible. I'll comment again once you've read it and updated this question. We'll get to the bottom of this before long.


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  • I bet guys are more intimidated by your style, unless maybe your going for guys a with similar style. I like the pic of you with your cat, probably because it looks like you don't have make up on. You come off as being very artistic which is cool but it isn't my thing. You probably just need to find a guy with similar interests or is that too obvious?

  • those people are idiot to telll you that your so good looking that guys are scared and al...beleive me there are players who dnt look that good but they have the best looking girls in their hands I think so guys around you are just too good to approach you that's alll

  • I think there is something to it but it's also overrated. And the whole notion some girls have that girls just sit around like dolls and eventually get hit on by a buffet of guys they can pick out, that never happens. They have to at least give hints of being interested or at least available. I think this is a bigger block than being so beautiful that it's intimidating.

    • I give more the hints ! I go up and talk to them. but that gets me no where.

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